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  1. Borrows for MODO PTQ Tonite/Tomorrow
  2. I am looking for cards on MTGO. Would like to trade for them or buy them.
  3. Need 1 Vengevine for 6/26 PTQ
  4. Tonight at GGG need Grove of the Burnwillows
  5. looking to borrow for saturday!
  6. SAT. am drive to portland?
  7. Need Ride/Room to Gp Portland
  8. Need Vengevine x4
  9. Fetches for 2010's!
  10. Magic Online
  11. Rides for Portland PTQ
  12. Getting back into the game
  13. Need to Borrow Fauna Shaman x4
  14. Borrowing for Mirkwood?
  15. SCG invitational
  16. Borrows for Sunday at FPG?
  17. Borrows for PTQ next Saturday 1-15
  18. scion of oona
  19. Modo Jaces
  20. Vancouver PTQ on the 26th
  21. online demigods?
  22. Ride back to Seattle from Portland PTQ on 3/26
  23. Farseek
  24. Boise PTQ
  25. Ride needed from Portland to National Qualifier in Seattle this Saturday
  26. [Need Ride] Everett to Nat's Q
  27. Can anyone loan me a deck?
  28. Carpool to Yakima Nats Q on 5/1
  29. Looking for a lift to the Barnaby PTQ on Sat 5.21.2011
  30. Need a ride to portland ptq
  31. Roadtrip to Boise 6/18
  32. Gen con tickets
  33. Looking to borrow 2 M12 Garruks for SCG
  34. Need Draft Pimp for MTGO ONLINE!
  35. PTQ Seattle
  36. Portland to Seattle
  37. GP Pittsburgh
  38. Please help with this
  39. GP Amsterdam
  40. Help the Godfather find cards for States.
  41. GP San Diego: Anyone wanna share a room?
  42. Need 3x Elspeth & 3x Razorverge - States
  43. Need Elsepeth Tirel x2 for States - have Ravnica lands, some Legacy staples
  44. Have a hotel room for worlds, need 3 ppl to fill it.
  45. Looking for other players in the area.
  46. Borrows for Sat PTQ
  47. Borrows for PtQ: Cascade Bluffs/Sulfur Falls
  48. Need a few cards for the PTQ
  49. Help me find a store
  50. Playtesting help
  51. Modern Modo Deck (TONIGHT)
  52. I need 2 Angelic Destiny's and 2 Sword of War and Peace for Cardhaus Event
  53. PTQ Seattle 3/17
  54. Borrows for Seattle PTQ - 3/17
  55. Looking for a Type 2 Deck for cardhaus tourney next weekend!
  56. Anacortes players
  57. Carpool to Vancouver for GP?
  58. Anyone Driving Up To GP Vancouver on Friday morning?
  59. Big borrows for the scg legacy event on Saturday
  60. SCG Seattle Legacy Borrows
  61. GP Boston
  62. Deck borrow for this Saturday's PTQ
  63. looking for cards for the ptq this weekend
  64. Mirkwood legacy tonight: Angelic destiny
  65. Looking for ride to Draft Extraveganza
  66. Big borrows for the 5k tomorrow September 22
  67. Ride to SCG Saturday Event
  68. HELP!_SCG Invitational_NEED 2 STANDARD DECKS
  69. Looking for a ride to magic stronghold ptq (Burnaby, CAN)
  70. Does anyone have a holocaust cloak I can borrow?
  71. Looking for a ride to GP Portland
  72. Looking for a ride to that Portland PTQ on saturday.
  73. Minh is looking for a hotel in vegas
  74. What's Truly Going on with Runescape Araxxor