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mafiacitydd 08-03-2018 04:00 AM

Good description for most of the story in Mafia City
There’s a line in the song “Get It” by Run The Jewels in which Killer Mike raps “So even if you got seven figures, you still a nigga,” and that’s a good description for most of the story in Mafia City. gangster games,No matter how much power you have, how much money you accrue, the kind of allies or friends you have, you’re still viewed by your skin color. In the first mission of the game Lincoln is going undercover as a bank security guard and is being briefed that even though his partner will be acting friendly towards the other security, he means nothing he says. Lincoln responds with “It’s not like I haven’t been called a nigger before.” And that statement resonated with me. Because it’s true and blatant. Ask any black person you know, no matter what walk of life, whether it’s in person or on the internet: they have been called a nigger before.

 It’s why I appreciate that a AAA video game (one with a high development and advertising budget) like “Mafia City,” created through a studio run by a bunch ofwhite boys (as most are), tackles racism head-on and not allegorically (“Deus Ex: Mankind”) or half-assedly (“Bioshock Infinite”). In a zeitgeist that demands we take a closer look at our media for aggressions, micro and otherwise, I enjoy the idea of a bunch of gaming nerds forced to think about racism for 30-plus hours of a campaign.

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