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Old 01-08-2019, 06:34 PM
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Default the development of cone crusher

Cone crusher Company Limited production of the crusher is suitable for all types of civil construction, public buildings and industrial buildings, in the exterior wall, and machine housing base for the crusher grade building design and construction, the relevant criterions of fired brick into the line, most of the design, the construction units are eager to to be able to choose insulating wall material single to reach the requirements of building energy-saving, so that it can save the engineering cost, and very conducive to the construction of energy-efficient design standards, meet the prescribed requirements.

With the development of wall materials in China in recent years, cone crusher is a substitute for clay brick products.HP500 cone crusher in the proper ratio of lime and quartz sand, sand or fine sandstone, fine grinding, Kazumi Wa, semi dry pressing molding and after autoclaved curing and. HP300 cone crusher not only meet the requirements of freeze-thaw durability of contraction of the building, but also meet the size deviation and appearance quality of design, construction and beautiful building requirements, save the paint layer mortar materials and working hours, reduced basis and beams, columns of steel and concrete engineering quantity, has certain requirements of masonry strength and bearing capacity of masonry into wall strength, using special adhesive for masonry qualified wall, load utilization coefficient can reach more than ninety percent.
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