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Default The results of such components can cause deterioration

SYDNEY DeMar DeRozan Raptors Jersey , Sept. 27 (Xinhua) -- An Australian palaeontologist has discovered that a giant prehistoric ice age beast was the only marsupial species ever known to migrate for food.

Weighing in at approximately 3 tons and standing around 1.8 meters tall, the diprotodon was a member of Australia's megafauna, a group of 90 large bodied animals that roamed 1.6 million to 45,000 years ago during a time called the Pleistocene.

""Eastern Australia Delon Wright Raptors Jersey , 300,000 years ago, had an ecosystem that looked more like the Serengeti of East Africa today,"" author of the research Corey Clement Raptors Jersey , Gilbert Price, from the University of Queensland told Xinhua.

""There were big birds, a giant turtle, huge lizards and a population of diverse migratory species.""

But until now Chris Long Raptors Jersey , marsupials of that time, that were similar to Australia's modern koalas and wombats, were not believed to have travelled for food.

""It would go somewhere at the start of the year and basically track its food sources through that 12 month period and then come back to where it started from,"" Price explained.

""There is no marsupial today or that we know of in the past that did that.""

The mystery was uncovered when Price became inspired by a U.S. study that analyzed geochemical samples of teeth from a Woolly Mammoth.

""We examined part of the collection of teeth from the Queensland Museum in Brisbane Carson Wentz Raptors Jersey ,"" Price said.

""We were able to extract all this information, amazing information about what it ate and how it move around.""

Price now plans to expand his research to other diprotodon around Australia.

But as for the mystery of what happened to Australia's megafauna, Price said: ""The reality is that we just don't have that much information.""

""It is likely that climate change was the main factor in their extinction, but some people even suggest the first humans who came to Australia may have hunted them.""

Xi says international community must cooperate on global security

Chinese vice premier visits basketball players before friendship game

Sino-French cultural forum staged in Lyon

Highlights of Turkish-Iraqi joint military drill

Modern manufacturing C.J. Miles Raptors Jersey , transport help six Chinese provinces develop fast

A look at Kantuman Bazaar in China's Xinjiang

Scenery of terraced fields in Houyuan Village, China's Fujian

Scenery of high-speed rail networks in south China's Guangxi

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The process of Search Engine Optimization is planned on the basis of different kinds of search Brandon Graham Raptors Jersey , including image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.web page design is because the design of your website will actually influence whether or not people continue to visit your site and ultimately, whether they will buy from you or not. Obviously Alshon Jeffery Raptors Jersey , a lot is riding on your website design so it is worthwhile to take this seriously and put some effort into doing it right the first time.

Design concept with Color Use of right color on your website are very important for performance a web page on search engine page with the use of designing concept process should include the use of match of write color. Web content and title is affects people and different colors and what It should be obvious where the information is and how visitors can get to it without wading through a lot of other links colors will best help you persuade your target audience to stay on your web page and to buy from you.

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KIGALI, May 22 (Xinhua) -- Kenyan runners showed good form as they dominated the top positions in the 2016 Kigali International Peace Marathon which took place on Sunday in Rwanda's capital Kigali.

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Pau Gasol, Spain's most successful basketball player, has backed plans for a La Liga game to be played in the United States.
alex morgan jersey

La Liga, Girona and Barcelona have sent a letter to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to request that Girona's fixture against the champions in January is played in Miami.julie ertz jersey
This France side relies on many important figures, with N'Golo Kante crucial in midfield and Antoine Griezmann a perfect foil for becky sauerbrunn jersey
Mbappe going forward. At the back. Samuel Umtiti and Raphael Varane are a world-class partnership made to look even better carli lloyd jersey
by full-backs Benjamin Pavard and Lucas Hernandez.
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