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Old 01-22-2018, 07:28 PM
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Default Vertical screw conveyor equipment for sludge

Sludge is the solid produced by water and sewage treatment process of sediment. After the treatment of sludge, stabilization and innocuity, can land use. In the process of sludge processing, need to use vertical roller mill for conveying materials.
Vertical screw conveyor is improved through vertical roller mill formed specifically for the sludge processing and conveying production, is the materials to be transported along the passage of a fixed chassis for transporting work by rotating the screw, head and tail bearing to the casing, hanging bearing sliding bearing is provided with a dustproof sealing device, bearing the general use of powder metallurgy, transport the cement used blankets bearing, hanging shaft and the screw shaft adopts a slide block connection.The bearing capacity of vertical transportation equipment of large mud, safe and reliable, strong adaptability, convenient installation and repair, and long service life.
The whole volume of the equipment is small, high speed, you can ensure that the sludge fast uniform delivery. The discharging end is provided with a cleaning device, the machine is of low noise, strong adaptability, flexible arrangement of inlet and outlet position. At the same time, sex is good, the shell is made of seamless steel pipe production the conveying equipment sealing, the end flange connected to each other as a whole, good rigidity.
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