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Old 07-15-2018, 11:17 PM
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Default Mafia City strives to give players options when approaching combat situations

Besides playing into the story in big ways, the underbosses also grant you some valuable bonuses and boosts in gameplay. For example, Play Mafia Online,having Burke on your side gives the ability to instantly get a vehicle delivered to you anywhere in the city, not to mention Vito’s insider info on the Mafia. All three have specific perks that grant you access to new weapon upgrades, vehicles, and associates with even more perks. They’re definitely valuable allies to have when taking on a massive crime syndicate.

Mafia City strives to give players options when approaching combat situations, providing more ways for you to do things stealthily or go in guns blazing. Most missions in the game will actually allow you to complete them through the sole use of stealth, without ever being spotted by an enemy (if you choose to do so and have the patience).

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