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Default China to establish 1st Mars simulation base in Qinghai

Paradise with exuberant beauty and many attractions is what you will find if you take a trip to Coiba Island. This Panamanian Island is the biggest in the country and its climate create the perfect paradise for people who want to meet this place.
Coiba Island is paradise Cheap Los Angeles Angels Hats , since its connection to the Caribbean makes this place one with many destinations to visit and discover; on the island you can visit places such as:
? El Rio Negro (The Black River): this very famous river is 20 kilometers long and has many important tributaries such as: San Juan and Santa Clara rivers.
? La Bahia de Damas (The Bay of the Ladies): in this beautiful place you can find bottlenose dolphin and humpback whales.
This gorgeous island is being promoted through tourism and thanks to the grand variety of marine life, Coiba has become the most attractive place for tourist who are interested in meeting the wonders this island has to offer.
Coiba has different and interesting activities, among which are: snorkeling Cheap Los Angeles Angels T-Shirts , diving, sport fishing, you can also see the coral reefs that are out in the sea.
The fauna abounds here Cheap Los Angeles Angels Hoodies , and you may observe the following species: howler monkeys, agoutis, parakeets Custom Los Angeles Angels Jerseys , bats, deer and the beautiful red macaws which are on the endangered list.
Travel to Panama and meet the Coiba Island and all the riches this place has to offer, you can take amazing pictures and take back the memories of your visit to this charming island Cheap Los Angeles Angels Jerseys , that without a doubt will leave you fascinated.
How to get to Coiba Island
From the Panamanian city on the road it will take 10 hours to get to Veraguas, where the island is situated. If you prefer you can make the trip on a light aircraft, which will take about 50 minutes to get to this magical place.
In the Province of Veraguas you will find different restaurants where you can enjoy typical dishes prepared in this region and with great prices Yunel Escobar Angels Jersey , so national and international tourist can enjoy delicious and varied dishes prepared in Panama.
If you do not know where to stay you can visit the website interpanama where you will find property located in different places and provinces of Panama which you will be able to rent while you are in Panama. For more information please contact Interpanama Real Estate Agency, visit the offices located on 50th street in the new Global Bank Tower, on the 15th floor office 1514 and you will receive assistance.

BRASILIA, Oct. 3 (Xinhua) -- The Workers' Party (PT) did poorly in Brazil's municipal elections on Sunday, losing over half of the municipalities it governed, according to the final results published Monday.

In the 2012 elections, PT candidates won 630 municipalities but this number was just 256 yesterday.

The election was a better success for President Michel Temer, whose Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) won most municipalities with 1,208, followed by the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) with 1,028 and the Social Democratic Party (PSD), with 538.

However, the PMDB suffered in Rio de Janeiro, long a bastion for the party. The outgoing mayor, Eduardo Paes, once a popular flagbearer, saw his popularity fall in the run-up to the Olympic Games and his chosen successor, Pedro Paulo, only finished third.

The PT suffered its worst result in Brazil's largest cities in the last two decades. It seized only one provincial capital in the first round, Rio Branco, the capital of the northwestern state of Acre, and will contest just one other in the second round, Recife, capital of the northeastern state of Pernambuco.

In 2012, the PT had won four provincial capitals, down from five in 2008.

After governing Brazil for over 12 years through the presidencies of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, South America's largest left-wing party is in crisis.

Rousseff was impeached in August from the presidency for financial manipulations and Lula is facing corruption charges stemming from the Petrobras corruption ring, which has already brought down a number of prominent PT figures. Enditem

CAIRO, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- Egypt has aligned itself with the international standard to allow 0.05 percent of ergot fungus in imported wheat, the state-run Ahram Arabic news website reported on Wednesday.

The decision reversed a previous zero-tolerance policy which caused confusion in markets.

In August, the minister of agriculture Essam Fayed issued a decision to forbid any imported wheat shipment that contains any traces of the fungus.

However, the Egyptian government said on Wednesday that the zero-ergot policy has led to the delay in arrival of 540,000 tonnes of imported grain to Egypt, the world's biggest wheat importer, Ahram reported.

Since February, conflicting decisions made by the General Authority for Supply Commodities, the state's grain buyer, and the agricultural authorities over standard of the fungus caused confusions among suppliers, driving some of them to boycott tenders.

Ergot can cause hallucinations when consumed in large amounts. The most widely applied international standard sets a 0.05 percent tolerance level of the fungus.

The Egyptian minister of health Ahmed Emad also said on Wednesday the imported wheat will be purified and washed to cut the ratio to zero.

The most populous Arab country relies heavily on imported wheat to meet domestic demands.

Egypt's wheat imports for the 2015-16 marketing year were estimated at 11 million tonnes, the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization showed in October 2015. Enditem

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