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Default Proteins can be an essential part of your current

HARARE, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) -- Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday warned party members against canvassing for positions as infighting over succession intensified in his ruling Zanu-PF party.

He said instead of canvassing, principled leaders are chosen by the people on the basis of their character and hard work.

Speaking during his 93rd birthday celebrations organized by workers in his office, Mugabe described as "nonsense" the existence of factions in his ruling Zanu-PF party that are angling to succeed him, state-run news agency New Ziana reported.

According to the report, Mugabe narrated to guests how he rose to political power from the days he was the publicity secretary for the National Democratic Party in the 1960s.

"The leadership did not come out of people who had raised their hands and said we are candidates for this or that post, no. The congress in its own wisdom just looked at those who were in the front line and said we want so and so and those were in the interim body and that was it. They gave you that post you could not say no," he said.

"Let the people just judge you from how they have seen you work, that is the correct attitude. We did not have the nonsense that we have, talk about G40s and Lacoste," he was quoted as saying.

G40, short for Generation 40, a group of young officials in Zanu-PF, and Lacoste reportedly led by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa are the two factions reportedly vying to succeed the veteran president.

The president recently said he was not ready to step down and would not groom a successor as it was the responsibility of the people.

He has been confirmed as Zanu-PF presidential candidate for the 2018 elections when he will be 94.

He said those in leadership positions should always strive to be honest and committed to the cause of the people.

Moreover, the president reiterated the need for the country to be in full control of its natural resources to be able to shape its development path, stressing that investors were welcome for partnerships.

Vice President Mnangagwa and chief secretary to the Office of the President and Cabinet Misheck Sibanda lauded Mugabe for his visionary leadership and pledged to work hard to ensure the realization of his vision.

"We pray that we will continue to drink from your fountain of wisdom and be guided by your tried and tested counsel," the VP said. Enditem

BRUSSELS, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- A passenger train and a cargo train collided on Tuesday morning in southern Luxembourg, leaving one person dead and two others injured, Luxembourg police said.

The head-on collision between the trains occurred between Bettembourg yard and Zoufftgen in southern Luxembourg, they added.

According to local authorities, the passenger train "went through a stop signal", causing the death of its driver and injuring an employee of Luxembourg train company CFL in charge of controlling the passengers' tickets as well as the driver of the cargo train.

"The cargo train's driver managed to run at the rear of the vehicle, and thanks to this, his life in not in danger," said Luxembourg's Transport Minister Francois Bausch at a press conference.

The two persons injured were sent to hospital. The driver is severely injured and the employee is a state of shock and slightly injured, said the local police.

About 100 rescue workers are at the scene with psychological workers. Services on the line are suspended for 48 hours while rail replacement bus services have been put in place.

The Luxembourg train company CFL asked travelers to postpone their trip or to find another way of transportation.

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