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Default Ecco Biom rebajas

By Oliver Trust

BERLIN ECCO Hombre Yucatan Sandalias Tarmac Moon Rock Rebajas , June 24 (Xinhua) -- From a German point of view, the clash with the US soccer team at the World Cup in Brazil is the weirdest imaginable. Ahead of Joachim Loew and his team is not only a contest to come top of Group G, they also face an intense battle against their former national coaches, Juergen Klinsmann (49) and Berti Vogts (67). And it has all led to strange conclusions being drawn in Germany and the question: Are the Germans afraid of the two?

There is good reason to be worried - the USA's good results are proof. "There's no way it's not going to be a friendly ECCO Track Ii High Botas Bison Rebajas ," said Klinsmann whilst Vogts pointed out: "A lot of old friends will be meeting and my heart is strongly with the Germans, but everybody should understand that Juergen wants to win." Former German keeper Oliver Kahn says: "Klinsmann knows all about Loew's way of thinking and he knows all about his deficits. That game is for sure not going to be an easy one."

Just how deep emotions go when KlinsmannVogts are due to face Germany was reflected in the number of calls on Vogt's voicemail after it had been announced that he would be advising Klinsmann and the US-team at the World Cup.

"I had 38 calls in ten minutes," said Vogts. The newspapers were full of headlines and the word "revenge" was one that was often used. Meaning Vogts and Klinsmann are bent on wanting to beat the Germans.

The two men's German roots are still deep. Klinsmann's mother, brother and sister live in a Stuttgart suburb and have been running the family bakery since his father Siegfried died in 2005. Vogts commutes between Baku in Azerbaijan - he is still the national coach there - and his German home base is in Korschenbroich near Moenchengladbach.

Emotions grow as both have left deep footprints in German football. By the time Klinsmann stepped down as national coach in 2006 ECCO Turn Gtx Botas Coffee Rebajas , he had won millions of friends among German fans (with his assistant coach Joachim Loew) - but not many within the "Deutscher Futball Bund" (DFB - the German Football Association). Both Klinsmann and Vogts were none too easy partners for the DFB. Vogts for years criticized the old-fashioned academy system for young footballers. Klinsmann, some say, tried to turn things on their head.

The work of both sparked fundamental changes. Vogts developed today's modern academy system. And in 2006, Germany opened its heart to the world in what has become known as the "German summer fairytale". People of all nations celebrated in the streets. The picture of an open-minded and tolerant Germany was strongly connected with Klinsmann and his team. Some say ECCO Kenton Plain Toe Botas Mink Mocha Rebajas , the colorful pictures changed the country's image more than anything had done since the end of World War II. According to the Berlin-based "Tagesspiegel" newspaper, "Germany was a different country after the 2006 World Cup."

Hans-Hubert "Berti" Vogts won Germany's last title in 1996 with Klinsmann as his captain. He was however sacked in 1998 after being in the job for eight years. He was deeply hurt. It took him years to get over it. "There is much less to my job than people assume. Juergen doesn't need me to get to know German players," he said. "Much more we have started collaboration between our two football associations. That's much more important."

Despite that Vogts feels flattered, being back on big stage Ecco Leather rebajas , some assume. Vogts stays in the US-team-hotel, he has gone over Klinsmann's training schedules and at half time he reports on what has seen in the US team's changing room. "He's my sounding board," said Klinsmann. "His experience when it comes to international tournaments is immense. His know-how is a great support for me."

Now Germany's "ex-coaches" are back - and in charge of a much-improved opponent that is physically strong and possessing an almost unbreakable will to succeed. "They will run like mad," said Oliver Kahn. "Tactics-wise we shouldn't expect too much." But its "good team spirit" on top of everything and Klinsmann and Vogts guiding them Ecco Cool 2.0 rebajas , the USA team is making the Germans sit up and listen.

In Germany, there are not doubts, to be kicked out by Klinsmann and Vogts would be the biggest possible World Cup disaster.

But maybe things don't end in a disaster. For both teams a draw helps into next round, which leads to another wired problem Ecco Biom rebajas , one full of bad memories.

At 1982 World Cup in Spain Germany needed a win over Austria in their last group match, Austria was well with a defeat by not more than two goals. Germany won 1-0 and both, Germany and Austria went on. Algeria (its last match was done the day before) was eliminated. After Germany had scored in 10th minute no more attempts were made to score another goal. The game, regarded as a big scandal Ecco Sneakers rebajas , was named the "shame of Gijon" as it took place in the Spanish town of Gijon.

Since then the last group matches at World Cups take place at the same time.

An expenses scandal and a much bigger unrelated scandal over organised crime's infiltration of Rome's City Hall have bolstered Five Star candidate Virginia Raggi in municipal elections (AFP PhotoFilippo Monteforte)

Rome - Italians went to the polls Sunday for municipal elections seen as a test for both Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and the country's divided right, with both fearing a chastening defeat in Rome.

More than 13 million people are eligible to vote for members of 1,300 municipal councils in a two-round ballot to be completed on June 19.
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