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Old 02-11-2019, 04:17 AM
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Default Standard installation processDo you know how to install t

Standard installation process

Do you know how to install the low cost Galvalumed steel plate?
1. Pre-class safety training and technical delivery.
2. Hoisting: According to the site conditions, the cranes should be selected reasonably according to the layout of the plates, and the corresponding number of the main ribs of the plates should be hoisted in order.
3. Under normal conditions, the board will be directly hoisted from the truck to the roof. If it is stacked on site, it is required that the height of each raft should not exceed 6 pieces and be stacked neatly.
4. When lifting, hang the hook on the sling of the main rib of the plate surface, and use a special lifting hook.
5. Check if the hook is sturdy before hooking. If there is any hidden danger, immediately inform the crane driver to re-hook.
6. When lifting, the board should be lifted at a constant speed. In the process, it is forbidden to stand under the boom. Place the plates in accordance with the drawings and place them on the steel beams or supports.
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