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Old 07-16-2018, 03:17 AM
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Default Mafia City H5 is a free broswer based MMORPG with no download

A lot of open-world games provide vehicles with working horns, but they usually donít do anything. In GTA V, youíll only get a reaction out of an NPC driver if you use your horn excessively or happen to have a vehicle that has a siren. In some other Mafia Game, you donít have even that much. But in New Bordeaux, NPCs seem so intent on not getting rammed into by you that they will gladly leap out of the way if you honk your horn. While driving, simply tap the horn (L3/LS) and the vehicles in front of you will quickly jerk to the side, allowing you to race on by.

Keep in mind that speeding and trying this method on police will just lead to them chasing you down and trying to kill you. So only use it on regular vehicles as you drive around.

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Chinese Traditional Version:
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