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Old 08-15-2018, 10:52 PM
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Default Mafia worldwide game: Mafia City H5, free for you

Iím starting to worry that my work is too personal. The Life is Strange mafia game online, too, are very personal, but whatís strange is how often my life has been mirrored in them. Iíve been Kate, the suicidal religious girl going through a culture shock. Iíve beenChloe, the rebellious Pacific Northwest alternative teen getting in trouble at school and lashing out. Iíve been Chris, vulnerable and at the mercy of an abusive father. So maybe itís okay that the Life is Strange series affects me so deeply. The writing suggests that none of this pain has been taken lightly.

Dontnod has said that The Mafia City provides some clues as to Chrisís future and how he ties into the greater Life is Strange universe. The ending provides some hope that things will get better for himóthough with caveats and complications and all the pain and mess and confusion that comes from the human experience.

And for as much as it hurts, I do look forward to it.

For more information about mafia games, Please visit its official site:

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