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Old 11-09-2013, 01:06 PM
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Default EDH Collection theft in Mill Creek/Bothell

Crosspost - but maybe someone will see it here and not on the regular boards -

Hey Everyone, First post here, and sorry it has to be a downer. We have a regular EDH player who had his collection stolen out of his car last night.

If you happen to see any of these decks/commanders or any of the specified cards, please contact us or the police. There has been a report filed and as you know these decks are worth a LOT of money. He has spent money and years building these decks, we would love to see them returned safely.


Large orange case, black ductape on it, Red Rakdos symbol on the front

Tajic, foil, Orange Sleeves
2 real swords, 2 proxy swords (War and Peace, light and shadow)

Kaervek, Grey sleeves
Foil Urborg, original cabal coffers, erebos, dark depths,

Glissa the traitor
Foil skullclamp, foil Cranial Plating, Foil Desciple of the vault, Gate to Phyrexia, original archbound ravager

Rune-Tail Kitsune Ascendant, Black Sleeves
All 5 swords, Original Body Guard, mainly unhinged and unglued lands

Alluren, korean Vorinclex

Oona (foil)

Foil arena island
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