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Default The ninth "Friends of Pri

The ninth "Friends of Primary School Students" in 2008 published the advanced deeds of the earthquake-resistant hero Lin Hao. Through repeated reading, I was deeply moved by the optimistic, strong, courageous and diligent Lin Hao. This impression is like casting a stone on the calm lake, stirring up a layer of shackles, reaching the bottom of my heart and moving my heart! and I are similar in age, but many of the outstanding qualities he great earthquake, Lin Hao buried in the ruins was not weak, but he was comforted by the song "Great China". After the earthquake, Lin Hao, who escaped, did not run away, but struggled to save the classmates who were still inside. When the post-earthquake shift, the brave Lin Hao did not relax, but used his feet to walk seven hours to reach the safe place. When the rescue station checked the injury Newport Cigarettes Coupons For Sale, the strong Lin Hao did not cry, but actively cooperated with the doctor to dress himself. In the daily life, Lin Hao, who is diligent in life Printable Carton Newport Cigarette, never sleeps, and after getting up every day, he makes his own breakfast, and then walks a few kilometers to the mountain road to go to school.
Every picture touched me so much, I felt ashamed of many deficiencies in my own body. Most of the children we live in in the city are spoiled and spoiled. At home, they are "little princesses" and "little emperors". They live a superior life of "meal to open their mouths and clothes to reach out." After reading Lin Hao��s touching deeds, I couldn��t help but praise ��Lin Hao, you are really a good squad leader, and you are a good example of me who is innocent!�� My father is a big man, very lazy, and he refuses to do anything. He only knows how to drink, smoke, and play mahjong every day. My mother and I call him a "pig." But he seems to be very different from his personality in me. He cares a lot about me, and he puts his things in his heart and implements them in action.
Once, my mother was on a business trip, and my "disaster" is about to come. I am very worried. My mother also saw my thoughts and secretly gave me 100 yuan to let me go out to eat fast food every day Cartons Of Marlboro Red 100S. "Ah," I said, lowering my voice. "Then I will eat tired and tired," I thought. If you have no choice, you will order vering my mouth, taking back the sun in the past. This change in silk did not escape the dad's eye line. When he saw me lose his temper, I guessed that I couldn't get used to fast food. I also decided that I would eat it if I didn't have enough nutrition to eat fast foles in his hand. When I got home, I rushed into the kitchen and started playing the symphony of pots and pans. I watched and suddenly felt that the sun had risen from the west. Dad, he changed his usual laziness and jumped into the ranks of "housewives" and began to learn to cook. My heart was not happy, and I quickly went up to find out that a mother had read the "Recipes" and gave it to Dad. Dad picked up the recipe and said, "Fry the eggs first. Say it according to the recipe. Dad first lit the gas stove, poured some oil in the pot, picked up an egg, knocked it on the side of the pot, and suddenly the egg cracked a big mouth. Dad lifted the egg high and let the egg yolk flow. Come out, who knows that it is too high, and as the egg white is wrapped in the egg yolk, "staying" comes to the oil wrap, the hot oil splashes like a raindrop, and I see my father slamming back Wholesale Cigatettes. I am anxious to ask. "Dad, are you okay?" ""Oh it's all right Cigarettes Marlboro 100'S. Fortunately, I dodge in time to avoid the bitterness of the flesh. "Dad smiled and said. "Call. "I snorted. This "senior chef" almost suffered for me. Dad looked at me for lunch. I didn't know how. I felt that the food was very delicious. I first tasted the dish my father made. Dad. I saw my appetite so good, happy smile. He said the next sentence: "How, Dad's craft is good! the desk, and seriously looked at the family recipes. After a long period of hard work, I finally got the most of the recipes. That afternoon, I came home from school, and a scent of scent brought my little locusts up. I came to the living room along the scent. Ah, the dishes are so rich, my father burned a table of dishes I loved. Just listen to Dad and say proudly: "Ying Ying, come, taste my craft, and satisfy you." I saw this table of food, and the tears moved by me. I tasted it with my dad and smiled and finished the dinner.
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