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Old 11-26-2014, 03:36 AM
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Default Have/Want

4x show and tell (moderate play)
4x omniscience (light play)
2x emrakul, the aeons torn (normal printing, light play)
4x thoughtseize (Theros, light play)
4x leyline of sanctity (light play, one pro tour stamped)
4x dream halls (moderate play)
3x pact of negation (light play)
4x heroes downfall (light play)
4x goblin guide (moderate - light play)

3x tundra
2x true-name nemesis
3x stoneforge mystic
1x containment priest

I'm in the marysville area. I'm willing to do partial trade/partial cash exchanges. Pictures on request, just shoot me an e-mail at

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