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Old 02-11-2018, 11:23 PM
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Default you can do light exercise while stuck in your car

Being stuck in a car may be one of the most annoying things in a big city. Research conducted Uber company for example see that the average in Jakarta a person can spend about 22 days stuck in traffic a year.

What is the impact? According to Psychologist Liza Marielly Djaprie from Sanatorium Dharmawangsa one can be more stressful.

Well than we just grumpy course when jammed, yuk take advantage of the time with a light exercise. Sports medicine specialist Dr. Michael Triangto SpKO provides 5 sports tips that can be done when stuck in the car:

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1. Stretching hands

Because it works all day, it is necessary to stretch on the arm area, both on the forearm and upper arm, the front and the back.

5 Sports That Can Be Done When Trapped Crashes on the Car Because working all day, it is necessary to stretch on the arm area / Photo: 20sec

2. Shoulder stretching

Then stretch the shoulder area due to heavy work, such as writing, typing, and other office work. Being in a vehicle, we can do more reps. Thus we can do two to three repetitions and each withholds as many as 5 counts.

3. Stretching the back

Do stretch on back and chest. By doing the movement, the important thing is the stomach should be locked in every movement. Thus the stomach will be tight and muscles will be trained.

4. Waist stretching

Next is the waist stretch. Do stretch the waist by straightening the body and puffing out the chest. Look ahead and hold for 5 counts.

5. Aerobics

inside healthyguidesblog get Tacfit Warrior Review for men's body training

Well, the last movement is aerobic exercise. We do the exercise by pedaling a mini-cycle or mini cycle in the vehicle.

5 Sports That Can Be Done When Trapped in Traffic Carrying a mini bike or mini cycle in a vehicle
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