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Old 01-09-2019, 03:31 AM
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Default Suggestions On Fire Protection of Coloured Steel Sheet

PPGI corrugated roofing sheet for sale is used more and more in the society nowadays. Both material structure and construction technology have been improved to a certain extent. At the same time, the safety and fire prevention measures concerned by people are beginning to diversify. In the past, some methods have been adopted, such as setting fire barrier with cast-in-situ solid concrete outer layer, setting fire-resistant brick, covering with gypsum board or adopting external water-filled cooling of hollow pipe.
Now all the people who use PPGI corrugated roof panels know that fire prevention is the biggest problem. The news about the fire of colored steel plate is endless. In fact, the most fundamental problem is not the quality of products, but the appropriateness of the selected products and the standardization of the use, which is very important. Following are some suggestions on fire protection of PPGI corrugated roof panels from China color corrugated steel sheet manufacturers.
1. PPGI corrugated roof panel products are progressing continuously. If you want to completely prevent fire and use safely, you have to choose color steel plate with good fire resistance, such as rock wool color steel plate, which is almost non-flammable. This product has been widely used, and used customers have said well.
2. in the process of using color steel products, we must keep away from fire sources. If the selected color steel plates are ordinary foam color steel plates, it is best not to set up kitchens in the color steel plate room, so far away from the fire source will naturally bring no fire.
3. In PPGI corrugated roof panel, do not use excessive power and illegal electrical appliances, so as to avoid fire caused by leakage of electricity, wire and cable is best not to pass through the core material of color steel plate.
4. Fire extinguishing equipment such as fire extinguishers must be provided in the color steel plate movable room, which is convenient to extinguish in time when a fire breaks out. If conditions are good, fire alarms can be installed to facilitate the personnel inside to escape the fire quickly and avoid casualties.
5. PPGI corrugated roof panels must be kept at least 6 meters apart, which is also very important. Normally responsible manufacturers will pay attention to this point. Users should not dismantle the color steel plate privately, and must inform the professionals of China color corrugated steel sheet manufacturers.
The use of color steel products as long as these points of attention, can reduce the possibility of fire, must not ignore some details, fire is likely to be caused by details, I believe that we pay attention to these issues, the use of color steel products, will be very safe, will not lead to fire. With the continuous progress of science and technology, under various new materials, the fire protection measures of color steel house have changed further. At the same time, according to what we know now, more and more people adopt the layout of spraying fire-proof coating and anti-corrosion coating to protect steel.
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