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Old 12-21-2018, 03:34 AM
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Default What are the precautions for using the grinding wheel?

The fast 9" grinding wheel does not know how deep it is for the present people in the present life. But we must know that we are inseparable from the extensive use of our life, so today Henan abrasives The manufacturer describes the precautions for the use of the grinding wheel, let's look at the relevant content.

The spark generated when the fast 9'' grinding wheel is working is very large, so it must be noted that it is burnt. Generally, the following matters should be noted when working on the grinding wheel:

First, there should be no flammable or explosive materials around; no polyester clothes, polyester is a by-product of petroleum, and it is flammable; do not wear short sleeves, but should wear long trousers. The fast 9'' grinding wheel is not The high temperature generated by the friction burns the contact part, but generates a sharp angle when rubbing, thereby cutting off the hard metal material. Those sparks are only the phenomenon after the sharp angle is generated, and the workpiece is not melted by the high temperature generated by the friction.

Then the above content is about Henan abrasive abrasives manufacturers to describe the use of the fast 9'' grinding wheel, then we Henan Henan abrasives special equipment development and production and operation of enterprises. Specializing in the production of grinding wheel cutting, grinding wheel ultra-thin, Henan abrasive Grinding tools and other products, details can be inquired.
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